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The History of GocheGanas

GocheGanas has an interesting background - to the beginning of this century.

The farm "GocheGanas" is first mentioned in the archives in 1903. In April 1913 the farm was sold for 210 000 Mark, and included the sale of 175 ostriches. The deed of sale specifies that the new owners, Stoermer and Denk had the obligation to farm the land and not to resell it without approval of the "Kaiserliche Gouvernement". Failure to comply with these conditions, would result in a fine of 10 000 Mark.   




That same year, Mr. CG Mertens forwarded a letter to the "Gouvernement" stating his intention buy GocheGanas to breed horses, which he could not do on his farm in the Okahandja district due to the risk of horse sickness. He bought GocheGanas for the amount of 277 000 Mark. During 1928 to 1936 a cheese factory was established, producing Gouda cheese. Many years later, Mr. I Bonadei bought the farm from Mr Mertens, marketing the milk under the name of Bonmilk. In 1997 the widow of Mr. Bonadei sold half of the farm to the Ohlthaver and List Group. 
The other half of the farm was sold to Mr. Udo M Stritter, who together with his son Ingo, converted this land into a game reserve. Luxurious chalets and a Wellness Village with state of the art equipment have been added, and is known today as "GocheGanas".